Multipurpose Dam

Andong multipurpose dam which stands 483 meters high and is 612 meters long is classified as a fill type dam with a clay corezone. it has the total fill volume of 4.0 million ton and is equipped with a pumped storage power plant of 90 MW, the first of its kind in korea. The re-regulation weir constructed 3km downstream of the main dam is 20 meters high and 218 meters long. This dam is located at 4km north-eastern direction from the city of Andong and 340km upstream from the estuary of the Naktong river which is the second largest river in south Korea.

Naktong river that meanders through the south-eastern region of this country is 512km long Because of flood damage and lack of water, development of a large capacity reservoir was absolutely required at that time. Construction of Andong dam was initiated in 1971 and completed in 1976
It provides annually 300 million ton of irrigation water to the downstream agricultuaral area of 44,000 ha, and 450million ton of municipal and industrial water to a lot of municipalities including the metropolitan cities of Pusan and Taegu. It also provides 158 million kWh of hydropower energy. Specially, in the construction of the main dam granitedoil was used as core materials instead of clay which was difficult to procure within the construction area. It resulted in costdowning and shortening of construction period.

Hydropower Plant

Commercial operation : since Oct . 11, 1976
Installed capacity : 90 MW (2 units of 45 MW)
Annual average hydropower generation : 158 million kWh
The first installed combined pumped storage hydropower plant in Korea : Andong hydroelectric plant is a combined power plant that can power and pump using the same hydraulic turbine

Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering
GyeongSang National University
900 Gazwa-Dong, Chin-ju 660-701, Korea